The school that will undertake your education is NoBorders based in Agrinio ( and undertakes your education in Kefalonia. The school provides equipment for your learning, as well as any necessary equipment to fly afterwards. Also for any damage to your equipment, small or large, No Borders has the know-how and all the necessary machines for repairing fabric, ropes and straps. It also has all the consumable spare parts that will probably be needed in a repair. The durability of materials is often something that cannot be seen with the naked eye. No Borders has all the necessary measuring instruments, but also extensive experience (in Greece and large schools abroad) in parachute control, and at a low cost can certify the equipment for further use. The equipment must be inspected once a year as well as the packaging of the spare parachute. The backup parachute has saved thousands of pilots around the world. At some point it may become a process to save you. The packaging is a very serious one and only for certified packers. NoBorders after many relevant seminars and schools abroad packages your spare properly and responsibly.